Metal fabrication can come in many forms but essentially it is the process whereby raw material, in this case metal, is manipulated to look different. This can be the shape, the size and the colour. Almost everything metal has been through a metal fabricators somewhere. Let's explore what happens in more detail. 


The simplest way to cut metal is by using a saw, it could be a manual saw or a powered saw for thicker metal. There are also other types of cutting that are more modern like waterjet & laser cutting. 


Bending metal is what allows us to create shapes to build our fire boxes, lamps etc. A brake press is what we use to fold metal using a die that sets what angle to fold the metal around at. One sheet of metal can be folder numerous times


Drilling uses a rotating cutting tool called a drill bit to cut holes in metal. We use these holes to fasten or pass things through that are attached to the metal


Punching uses machinery to punch holes in metal. A punch and a die are configured to match the desired hole size and pressure is used to push through the metal to create the hole. This can be done on a fly press by hand or by a CNC machine


When you join two pieces of metal together this is called welding. There are numerous ways to do it but involve serious heat to melt parts together

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