Steel is a major component in every day life. It is used in buildings, cars, everyday appliances and tools. It is in your kitchen, on your way to work, at your work and in your bathroom. 

Why Steel?

Steel is an iron-based metal and also consists of carbon and sometimes other elements. Because of its composition, it has high tensile-strength and is relatively cheap to produce. The industrial revolution in the 19th century saw steel become mass-produced due to improvements in processes like the Bessemer process which allowed easier removal of impurities from iron using oxygen

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel made of iron and carbon accounts for 90% of steel production today. Other elements are sometimes added to make low alloy steels which improves the strength. These elements include manganese and chromium but are in small quantities e.g. less that 2%

Stainless/Alloy Steel

Stainless steel (the shiny stuff) is where there is over 11% of chromium. Other Alloy steels can include quantities of other elements like tungsten. These steels are much more durable and used for watches or surgical equipment. They are also a lot more expensive.